February 16, 2017

Lucy’s Late-Night Reading

It’s a blessing and a curse… But when you’re in marketing, each and every encounter every single day is a marketing moment. Service in a restaurant. Signs on the road. The wording of an ad. So when you live, breathe and sleep marketing, sometimes it can keep you up. So I thought I’d share with you some things that I read late at night before I turn off my brain.

The Power of Positive
Let’s consider the half-full instead… Traditional market research has us sitting in front of customers and asking the most obvious of all questions… “what’s wrong?” But in fact when you start by asking customers “what went well?” they actually end up spending more.

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5 Things Wrong with Social Media
Building brand awareness takes time. Don’t wait to look at ways to improve your online brand engagement online. Just being there isn’t enough.

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Apple is no longer an innovator. The best interview excerpt of the week. Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya says:

“APPLE IS A LUXURY BRAND, NOT A TECH INNOVATOR: He says Apple is no longer a tech company but a luxury brand with pricing power. “I can tell you the laundry list of things that Google has created in the last few years. I can tell you a laundry list of things that Amazon has created and that Facebook has created. Being a tech company has to be about a pattern of repetitive innovation.

“It’s not to take away from Apple as a brand. I love it. I love the products. As a consumer, I am deeply loyal to it. They could probably charge an extra $100 or $200 and I would buy it. They could probably make shoes and sweatpants and I would probably buy those, too. To me, it’s like a modern version of Louis Vuitton but it’s not the technological tip of the spear anymore.”

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One of our foundational beliefs at Rippe Keane Marketing is that EVERYTHING is marketing. From how you answer the phone to how you deal with customer complaints. You don’t have to be a world-class marketer to understand that customer complaints present a tremendous opportunity. But it’s very important that customer service is not a canned response to every situation. One of the things we’ve been telling our clients for years is customer service is not a department  it’s a frame of mind.

Brand guru extraordinaire, Richard Branson, was recently visiting his new hotel in Chicago. While there, he did a sit down interview and spoke about the importance of customer service not being delivered in a “Stepford” way.

Richard Branson: How Virgin Avoids Delivering Stepford Customer Service – Forbes


Most businesses, organizations, non-profits and colleges have a board of directors or trustees. But do you have a personal board? Who provides you advice and guidance?

Here’s a great read about how you should select your personal board of directors.

You need a personal board of directors.


We get geeked up when people start talking about healthcare. We get REALLY geeked up when people start talking healthcare marketing. That happens when you live and breathe the stuff.

Here’s a great thought starter from Deloitte about innovations in healthcare. It’s a great list to start your strategic thinking or discussions.

10 Healthcare Innovations