Who does all that?

Tanya Ciurro

Get to know Tanya Ciurro…

What is your role at Rippe Keane?
I am the social media guru around the office. Like many of us, I love my social media because if you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen, right? On top of that, I truly love crafting strategies for our clients’ social media. Researching different industries and finding new capabilities that brands are able to utilize and stand out from the everyday crowd is truly one of my favorite things to do. (Yes, I am a social nerd but am completely fine with that!). I want our clients to be that social presence that inspires everyone else’s strategies.

What is a social media trend that you hate?
LinkedIn is on the up and up and I love perusing it for fascinating new articles, but I’m not a fan of people using it to constantly post selfies and air their dirty laundry. I mean, it’s not Facebook or Twitter! If you aren’t sure of the do’s and do not’s of LinkedIn, I’m more than happy to help!

What was your AOL instant messenger screen name?
Oh boy, where do I begin?! I often changed my screen name for no reason at all. It started with soccergirl5 then went to greeneyedcutie25 and last but not least, ended up as lilt1025. Who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane remembering their embarrassing AOL Instant Messenger screen names?

What is one thing that you remember from your first day at Rippe Keane?
I remember it like it was yesterday! It was a Monday at 3 p.m. and I smelled the scent of freshly popped popcorn. What a better way to get to know your new coworkers than over a bowl of popcorn. I can happily say that this is now a part of our daily routine, popcorn every afternoon!

If you were in a 2000s girl band, what would the name be?
TLC 2.0

What would your last meal be?
I don’t think it’s possible to choose just one thing. It’d be a meal made up of chicken tenders, avocados, French fries with a side of ranch and a small side of spaghetti! Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?