Follow Katie’s Adventures at SXSW

One of the reasons I love being at SXSW, is that I have an opportunity to learn a lot from people who are coming from different industries, perspectives and backgrounds. [vision_one_half] [/vision_one_half] [vision_one_half] You don’t even have to go to a marketing...

National Oreo Cookie Day

[vision_one_half] [/vision_one_half] [vision_one_half] What did you do for National Oreo Day? We learned the right way to dunk an oreo from Scott Rippe. Apparently, we’d all been doing it wrong all these years and he wasn’t afraid to correct us....

Postgame Ad-nalysis Test

[vision_one_third] [/vision_one_third] [vision_two_thirds] See our picks for the winners of each category below.

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