Rippe Keane Marketing’s new office at 525 Junction Road will include more than just all-around natural light and a killer view of Madison.



We’re happy to be able to offer a “well-being room,” something that only 24% of companies, like Google or Huffington Post, offer. We envision using this space as a nursing room, for practicing yoga led by our own Katie Hill or just a place to relax and unwind.

Our kitchen will be a favorite as well. Did you know that only 38% of professionals eat lunch together every day? At Rippe Keane, eating lunch together, completing the daily State Journal quiz and discussing sports (for Nate’s sake) are some of our favorite team building activities.

What else are we excited about for the new location? Where do we begin?!
• Our office will be less than a mile from Target, something all four of our locations have had in common (including Scott’s east side loft in 1994/1995).
• The top-notch building amenities, including an awesome workout space and Blueplate Catering.
• Gazing over the 12 miles of views from the 8th floor.
• Utilizing every inch of our new kitchen space, which increased by 600%!
• Warming up or cooling down in the seven heating/cooling zones. Staff who run hot or cold will all be comfortable!

Other fun facts about the process:
• We toured 14 different office spaces before choosing the Johnson Bank Building.
• We began this process almost two years ago (23 months to be exact).
• It took three rounds of negotiations to be sure Charlie was allowed in the new space.

Bonus Fact – On December 1, 1999, Rippe Keane Marketing moved to Seminole Centre Court. 18 years later to the date, we will move into our new location!


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