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Kevin Winter



Get to know Kevin Winter…

What is your current role at Rippe Keane?
I’m the air traffic controller for the dozens of projects flying around the office at any point in time. I make sure they take off properly and land on time. There have been crashes, but no fatalities.

I also back-up my coworkers with account management help and lead RK’s internal operations — all from Key West!

What is the best movie of all time?
Best in Show

What does a day working remotely look like for you?
Emails, emails and more emails! Lots of screen time, the occasional phone call and a pretty good view from the office.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
I’d be a coconut tree!

What do you eat for breakfast every day?
Yogurt and granola

Who is one person who inspires you?
Michael Jordan