Who does all that?

We’re just a bunch of diverse, irreverent, R-rated people who actually like coming to work every day and crafting solutions for our clients.

And a dog. One of us is a dog.

We eat lunch together everyday, effectively depleting the world’s avocado supply. We have nicknames for each other. We celebrate birthdays. Some of us have multiple personalities. Not all of us know how to transfer a call on our ancient phone system.

But we love our work, and form lasting friendships with our clients and each other. And we had a little fun with our bios.

Our Team

We make Rippe Keane a rare brand of weird.

Scott Rippe
Lucy Keane
Kevin Winter
Kathy Geist
Jess Carter
Ben Tolle
Paulina Kababie
Aaron Carreno
Judy Gibson
Diana Henry
Emma Robinson
Lystra Cole
Tisha Kawahara
Lauren Isely Ziegler
Will Hansen
Maya's photo
Maya Weatherall